Sukhpal Singh Khaira Reacting sharply to FIR registered against him


Jalandhar – Reacting sharply to FIR registered against him Sukhpal Singh Khaira MLA Bholath and former Leader of Opposition dared CM to register as many false cases as he wants but he won’t be intimated or cowed down and would continue to oppose tooth and nail the anti Punjab and anti Sikh actions of his government. He said the present FIR is a result of his Dharna outside the SDM office on 10th April 2023 to protest the incompetence of district administration to undertake Special Girdawri for the loss of wheat crop. The SDM came to the Dharna spot and assured the gathering on mic that since the government is short of Patwaris, he will try his best to ensure quick assessment wide Special Girdawri shortly. His speech is a part of the video shared by me on my Facebpook account. Khaira said he never threatened or in any manner intimidated the SDM as alleged by him.

 The second matter pertains to his going “Live” from SDM office Bholath on 29th March 2023 again to protest the unconstitutional and illegal laying of foundation stones by the defeated AAP candidate, who has never been even a Member Panchayat in his life. Since the SDM was absent from his office, Khaira said he made a telephone call to him which is a part of video posted on his Facebook account wherein he has not used any derogatory word not intimidated the SDM  as alleged.

Khaira said Bhagwant Mann himself had many times gone “Live” from official premises including the Lok Sabha and many of his MLA’s often been seen going “Live” from police stations, hospitals, schools etc. Has the police ever registered any FIR against them? Khaira questioned Bhagwant Mann and his police as to what action did they take against gangster Lawrence Bishnoi for giving two interviews from high security jail?

Khaira said Bhagwant Mann CM bore extreme hatred towards him which was evident during the last session of the Vidhan Sabha and this vindictive action of his is only yet another example of hatred towards him. The lightening speed of correspondence by the Chief Secretary, DGP, DIG, SSP, DSP and SHO resulting in FIR between 26-27 April also exhibits sheer vendetta against him by the CM misusing official machinery of the state.

Khaira said he is being targeted because of his vocal criticism of Bhagwant Mann for misusing NSA, sending Sikh youth to Assam jail, making mass arrest of Sikh youth, women and children and his other brutal actions. Khaira vowed to continue his tirade against the malpractices, corruption and anti Sikh policies of Bhagwant Mann with the same zeal.


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